Game Train - Express Cast - GamesCom 2017 Blizzard Entertainment

August 24, 2017

All things Blizzard in this express cast!  World of Warcraft patch 7.3, Hearthstone Animation, new Heroes of the Storm Hero and Documentary, new Overwatch map and more!


Game Train - Express Cast - GamesCom 2017 EA

August 22, 2017

Karl flies through another Game Train "Express-Cast" for Gamescom 2017, this time for EA. Covering everything from Star Wars Battlefront space battles to the Sims to Need For Speed: Payback to Battlefield 1 expansions and more! Jump on and have a listen to get filled in in the latest from EA :)  


Game train - Express Cast - GamesCom 2017 Microsoft

August 21, 2017

Karl blazes through a Game Train ExpressCast covering all the important bits in Microsoft's presentation. Xbox One X pre-orders finally ready. Not one but TWO new special edition Xbox One consoles. and New info on all kinds of games from Assassin Creed: Origins to Player Unknown Battlegrounds to State of Decay 2 to Cuphead to Recore and more... All Aboard the Express-Cast Game Train!! 


Game Train - Episode #012 “Indicentric”

August 9, 2017

Game train passengers!! Welcome to our first annual "Indie Special" episode! This episode we go indie-mode with our Feature Game (The Long Dark), Games We've Been Playing, (Shovel Knight, Pyre, Costructor And Circuit Dude) and even had a little chat with an indie game developer! We also delve into the strange hiccup that was the Nintendo Virtual Boy in this episode's "BackTrack" and of course answer listener questions and share our lame train and hype trains as always! Enjoy! And catch you next time passengers!


Game Train - Episode #011 “From Ages 5 to 7″

July 26, 2017

Hey guys! welcome to Game Train Episode #011 - This time, we have a double feature game episode featuring the charming new Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and Nintendo's highly anticipated, Splatoon 2!! We Preview Bungies upcoming epic sci fi shooter, Destiny 2! We get into a whole bunch of games we have been playing including final fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels DLC, Wipeout Omega Collection and we chat about the new Castlevania Netflix series!! We also delve back into all our usual segments and get into Nintendo's new online app........


Game Train - Episode #010 “Salty Frustrations”

July 12, 2017
Get your boarding pass, Game Train is back for episode 10! That's right... 2 digits, people! This time we dive right into the new Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and also chat about Zelda: Breath of The Wild DLC, Super Bomberman R Eagle Flight on PSVR, I am Setsuna, and more... We also introduce two brand new segments: "Backtrack" where we take a look at some of the big gamong events in the current week in gaming history. And the much requested, "Games With Gold +" where we review the current free offerings on both PlayStation and Xbox's systems. Of course all this and our regular segments and whatever other random stuff that comes up haha! Jump aboard and get into episode 10 of the Game Train Podcast!!

Game Train - Episode #009 “Back To Normal”

June 28, 2017

Game Train is 'back on track'... I'll see myself out... Seriously though, after a few weeks of E3 craziness and our episode structure being thrown out the window, we are finally back to normal with our segments, like 'Hype Train & Lame Train' and 'listener questions' and (sadly) our final 'Games of our lives' - we cover a few games we have been playing, and then review our feature game: ARMS and even chat about physical excersize! Haha! Have a listen and tell us what u think! Also, if you have any questions, send them through to or  We are also on twitter: @gametraintalk


Game Train - Episode #008 “E3 Special”

June 15, 2017

Here is it guys... our MASSIVE E3 episode... Sorry it's long.,.. but we DID warn you! Also, It's once a year... and it's E3!!! - and this was us rushing through it all at breakneck speed haha! Well if you wanna hear us chat about all the going-ons at this years many E3 conferences and to find out who we think won E3 2017 then look no further!! If, however, you can't do over an hour, you can watch the 6 hours worth haha! We will throw up some of our favourite trailers on the facebook page so you can check those out there as well! Catch you next time, and thank you so much, as always, for listening!


Game Train - Express Cast - E3 2017 Nintendo

June 14, 2017

Nintendo the last cab off the rank for E3 presentations didnt hold back, announcing a bunch of new games, including two massive titles fans have been asking for plus a heap of Mario Odyssey gameplay!


Game Train - Express Cast - E3 2017 Sony

June 13, 2017

Sony had a short but busy presentation at E3, with God of War, Spiderman, Days Gone and a heap of VR games shown off, check out all the news on this express cast!