Game Train - Episode #017 “Riding Solo”

September 20, 2017

Episode #017 is here! This week we review Capcom's brand new entry in their epic series: Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite! - We also have a chat about some of the exciting news that came out of Sony's presentation at their pre-Tokyo Game Show event, like the Final Fantasy IX remaster, Monster Hunter World getting a release date and more! There is also news on Worms WMD, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2 all on the Switch. We (well, I... more on that in a bit) talk more about Destiny and go back in time and talk about Oddworld: Abe's Oddesey. Hype Train and Lame Train is back as always and our passenger questions and more.... also - I should mention we ran into a little situation... and what an interesting situation it was.... a new day, a new challenge... Big appologies, but halfway through the episode Callan's computer just decided to wig out on us and cut him completely out of recording and he had to bail and left me hangin... I just got a message from him basically sayin: "Sorry man, I'm out, you got this" - haha! I'm obviously paraphrasing - Have a listen to hear more of that story and more unfold... and see how I go talking to myself for half an hour trying to entertain :) - Please be kind haha - Karl


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